„Because sometimes we have to satisfy the desire of having a deep conversation with an openminded, sensitive person.“ (Quote of a guest)

Until further notice I am offering free philosophical counseling trial sessions. One dialogue takes ca. 1.5 hours and takes place in person in the Baden bei Vienna area or via Skype or other voice over internet devices. Please book an appointment by contacting me via E-Mail or PM on Instagram/Facebook.

I give all my attention to anything my guests have on their minds. Philosophical knowledge is not required. It’s not about discussing philosophical theories (unless it is asked for), but getting together into a process of thinking and reflection.

Furthermore I specialised in the topic of the self and self-care. I am offering longer-term accompaniment to support people in finding themselves, loving themselves or simply in exploring themselves. As to that I have developed a specific method.

A philosophical dialogue can support you in… 

  • gaining clarity of yourself
  • clarifying questions and bringing order in your thoughts
  • thinking through your current life situation and its possibilities
  • being not alone with your thoughts in crises or problems
  • talking about meaning, freedom, loneliness, relationships and much more
  • promoting self-reflection, self-awareness and self-confidence
  • gaining orientation and helping with decision
  • breaking out of your own circles of thoughts
  • gaining new perspectives
  • growing personally
  • finding yourself
  • and much more 😉